Family Stories

At one time, they weren’t talking to each other. There was only bitterness, anger and a reluctance to confront their issues. It took the intervention and mediation of respected professionals to bring them together, to start a dialogue and take those first, small steps towards resolution. Since resolving major differences, these families now share their stories with you and for that we are grateful.



"Elder Resolution Partners are excellent family meeting facilitators. We as a family have not been able to talk so productively in years." - Cathy R., Valencia, CA


“We couldn’t keep going on with how it was with our family. There were too many secrets and far too many misunderstandings. Marci and Cynthia saved us! Thank you for helping us get through this difficult time. We’re closer as a family than we have been in a very long time."
Mary, Heidi, Michelle, Will, & Lisa


"I highly recommend Elder Resolution Partners for any family mediation services. Cynthia and Marci helped us work through our issues, come to agreements, listen to each other, and get us all on the same page. Thank you Cynthia and Marci for enabling us to sit down together and accomplish broadening our lines of communications, and guiding us closer to our goals." — Kiki P., Los Angeles, CA