Our Services

We work with you and find the best path for getting everyone together to discuss family matters. Marci and Cynthia bring 25+ years of mediation, counseling, strategic planning and passionate experience to their respective roles as mediation specialists. Unlike most other firms, Elder Resolution Partners works exclusively on mediation and conflict resolution. The lines of communication begin here and end with you.


Areas of expertise:

Elder Care Mediation / Family Meeting Facilitation

Marci and Cynthia have helped many families like yours communicate about difficult topics. They structure the conversation in a way that ensures everyone is heard and treated with respect. They bring together those who haven't had a civil conversation in years, helping them to resolve disputes and reach agreements. Cynthia and Marci regularly work with families from all walks and stages of life; including brothers, sisters, adult children and their aging parents, blended families, spouses, and partners.

Family Mediation

Mediation is a dynamic process where neutrals help disputing parties resolve conflict using specific communication and negotiating skills. Marci and Cynthia are highly trained, well regarded mediators who believe family disputes are best resolved in the living room, not the court room. While family mediations are often conducted before lawyers are involved, there are times when family members hire attorneys and court proceedings are contemplated or initiated. In such cases, we welcome and encourage attorney participation, and support their efforts to promote open and honest dialogue among family members in order to resolve disputes.

Use or Division of Family Assets

Disputes may arise over use of assets for expenses related to care of an aging loved one, maintenance of property, division of assets during a divorce, or distribution of assets in connection with settlement of an estate. Marci and Cynthia help families explore their options, work collaboratively through their different needs and concerns, and reach agreements. Mediation can prevent depletion of assets used to pay for court proceedings and attorneys fees, and resolve disputes more quickly than is possible through the courts. 

Communication Consultation

Simple communication can prove elusive when you’re embroiled in a family dispute. Both Marci and Cynthia are expert communicators who will coach family members or lead team-building sessions to improve those skills. They also attend family gatherings in order to watch for and mediate on the spot any potentially disruptive conflicts that may arise.

Family Business Mediation

Being in business with family members doesn't guarantee there won't be conflict about day-to-day operations or important company decisions. There often are bumps in the road, where facilitated conversations can help iron out issues and prevent business conflict from spilling over into family relationships.

Rest-of-Life Planning

Your ability to plan for the rest of your life should not be limited to planning the end of it.  Our experts guide you to plan for issues that arise in connection with life changes associated with aging or illness. We empower you to be the architect of the rest of your life. Through a structured meeting process, Cynthia and Marci will help your family explore any philosophical differences, discuss difficult subjects, and achieve clarity in order to avoid conflict arising at a time when you may no longer be able to express your desires.