We help families like yours talk about difficult topics

We can help you and your adult siblings understand and work through

your differences so you can better handle the needs of an aging parent.

Elder Resolution Partners

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Family conflicts are best resolved in the living room,

not in the courtroom ™

Making decisions about asset use or distribution, health care directives, and shared caregiving responsibilities can cause disagreements, stress and conflict among adult siblings and their aging parents. At Elder Resolution Partners we carefully guide client families through productive conversations that result in lasting agreements.

Elder Resolution Partners specialize in:

  • Guiding respectful, productive family conversations

  • Resolving adult sibling tensions and conflict over elder care issues

  • Family conflict resolution

  • Rest-of-Life Planning™

  • Communication coaching

Elder Resolution Partners can help

Life can be puzzling

We can help you fit the pieces together


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Our Expertise is Elder Care Mediation &

Family Meeting Facilitation

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Our mediation services are specially designed to meet your family’s needs

Family conversations, especially those about elder care, can be highly stressful and emotional. We help families like yours talk about difficult topics, ensuring each family member is heard and treated with respect. 

We bring adult siblings, aging parents, blended families, spouses and/or partners together — some of whom haven't had a civil conversation in years. We will gently and professionally guide you, your adult siblings, and your parents through respectful, productive conversations to reach lasting agreements. 

We work with families before lines are drawn in the sand and court proceedings are considered. We also work with those who are already represented by attorneys, to avoid the high cost, time delays and ultimate uncertainties of court. 

Click below to learn more about some issues families have chosen to discuss during meetings with us:

Sharing responsibilities of family caregiving

Use of family assets

Rest-of-Life Planning™

Communication Coaching

Family Business Conflict

Our Team at Elder Resolution Partners


Marci L. Barrett



Cynthia R. Saffir


Like you, we are mothers, daughters, sisters, caregivers and business owners, familiar with many of the issues and challenges you and your adult siblings may be facing with aging parents or other family members, or in your family business.

We’re here for you


Family Stories

The families that come to us have one thing in common: they realize they need to find a way to talk with each other, put old disagreements behind them, and make decisions as a family.




Our clients’ comments about their family mediations with Cynthia and Marci



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