Our Services

Our Area of Expertise is Elder Care Mediation / Family Meeting Facilitation

We’ve helped families like yours communicate about a wide variety of often difficult topics. We structure and guide your family’s conversation in such a way that ensures everyone is heard and treated with respect. We have worked with family members who haven't had a civil conversation with each other in years, as well as those who find it challenging to talk about certain issues. Our clients come from all walks and stages of life; they include adult siblings, aging parents, blended families, spouses and partners.

As mediators experienced in helping families come together to make decisions and reach agreements , we firmly believe family disputes are best resolved in the living room, not the courtroom. While family members may be represented by attorneys in mediation, Elder Resolution Partners consults with clients before lawyers get involved or court proceedings begin.

With or without attorneys present, we strive to promote open and honest dialogue among family members in order to resolve disputes.


The words you choose matter


Some issues families have chosen to discuss in meetings with us

Sharing family caregiving responsibilities

You didn’t realize how stressful it is to be a family caregiver until you became one.  It can be even more stressful when you and your adult siblings can’t agree on a care plan or how to divide and share responsibilities for an aging parent..  We guide families through respectful, productive conversations so you can agree how to best care for your aging parent.

Use or Division of Family Assets

Disputes may arise over use of assets for expenses related to care of an aging loved one, maintenance of property, division of assets during a divorce, or distribution of assets in connection with settlement of an estate. Elder Resolution Partners helps families explore their options, work collaboratively through their needs and concerns, and reach agreements. Mediation and meeting facilitation can prevent depletion of assets by enabling families to resolve disagreements in a private, confidential and comfortable setting.

Rest-of-Life Planning™

People often talk about “end of life planning” as a polite way of referring to decisions that might have to be made in the hours or minutes before death.  We help guide your family through a discussion about the twists and turns life may bring and empower you to be the architect for the rest of your life. Through our structured meeting process, we help you and your family explore options, discuss philosophical differences, work through difficult subjects, and achieve clarity in order to avoid family conflict.  

Communication Coaching

Simple communication can prove elusive when you’re embroiled in a family dispute. We are highly skilled communication coaches who help individuals, couples, families and teams improve and enhance their communication methods. And we’re available to attend family gatherings in order to help alleviate tensions and mediate on the spot any potentially disruptive conflicts that may arise.

Family Business Disputes

Being in business with family members doesn't guarantee there won't be conflict about day-to-day operations or important company decisions. There often are bumps in the road, where facilitated conversations can help iron out issues and prevent business conflict from spilling over into family relationships.